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MC / Host

Redda Black is a Brooklyn based artist of a West Indian & American decent, Raised up mostly in the Flatbush Brooklyn or East Flatbush part's of NYC Redda Black is also related to many artist in or connected to the music business.

One way or another it seem's as if Redda, was alway's playing a role in music. but his independent nature has arrived him as a go hard in and out of the world of music.

 Redda Black is well known in travel by many seriously professional and well, influential people in which helped him to make more indie move's on his own!

Redda Black is also a part of the Universal Zulu nation

DJ Paul C invited MC Redda Black for a recording session. Below is one of the results. Went a little darker for this one...check & njoi!..


REDDA BLACK: Music Player
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