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Hi, welcome and thank you for visiting  DJ Paul C’s request page and terms, ignore at your own risk.

Terms: short 

Manners, Title,  Artist, *Tip , >No Guarantees!< Understand?

No understand? No song!

To understand, read Terms: full 

No time to read? DJ has no time to explain. 

One song only per person , still >No Guarantees!<

Terms: full 

Rule #1:  ​The professional DJ, Paul C, Manager / Check payer control the music & music policy, not you. No exceptions, non negotiable. Thank you for understanding.

Know the owner? Who doesn't? Have him text/call/come to me directly or let me do my job.

Also Rule # 1: Positively no requests without buying drinks or food first and through your stay. No exceptions, non negotiable. You are in a business and this is how the business stays in business. and it STILL does not entitle you to control the music, ie >No Guaruntees!< Thank you for understanding,

Positively no drinks or people near the DJ equipment, no exceptions, non negotiable, thank you for understanding.


Holding up or sticking phone in DJ’s face, is rude and not cool, it's what this page is for. please act like you know, try the page and there are still... >No Guarantees!<  Be cool 😎

No DJ cannot mix anything off your phone or the internet, equipment is not designed like that on purpose and DJ is very happy about that. or you would get people constantly coming up with their phone, thinking they could DJ. Want to hear something on your phone?, Go outside and press play.

DJ yourself? I'm paid to DJ here tonight, you are paying to be here and have no gig tonight. Unfortunately,I have no time for the "What equipment are you using conversation or any other conversation, I'm DJing. Really want to chat? contact me here early in the week. Act like you know. Be cool, give respect and you will get respect C?! Respect! ✊

DJ does not steal music, owns a paid or given copy of all his music. DJ supports the music and you should too

2: Every week, DJ Paul C Dublin, NYC gets the newest hottest tunes, current hits, classics, rareities & the cool underground ish you never heard before, has lifetime of music, played around the world, uptown, downtown and all around town and is most definitely not short of ideas and does not need help! Thank you for understanding. 

As much as you love being told how to do your job is how much I love being told how to do mine. In saying that....
3 By politely writing your song request you understand and legally agree that there are > No Guarantees!<

If not already played (repeated songs make customers think DJ ran out of ideas and leave), DJ decides when, where & if to play song, DJ has final say. Thank you for understanding.

If people dancing, unless physically disabled, please have the decency to join in with them at least while dancing and / or singing to your request or DJ may change it. Thank you for understanding.

If I do not have a song in my collection, only if I have the time, and that's a big if, I may look for it on Apple music or Amazon, etc, and then take the time to listen and if, I deem it suitable, then you can pay me $1.29 + tip, I will buy & download the song, I own the copy and I will play it when I think is the right time to play it only. No exceptions. DJ has final say. Thank you for understanding. 

In this order...

Early night older songs take preference, respect your elders. Late night newer songs take preference.

English speaking establishments, English speaking songs take preference and so on.

Uptempo, clean, positive vibes hip hop & r&b takes preference over slow, dirty gangsta rap or r&b, depending on establishment and time of day / night. 

DJ knows the songs, tempos, when and  where to play or not play the song as the case may be and what the business's music policy is or is not. DJ /Manager/ Owner have final say. Thank you for understanding.

Ladies songs take preference before Gentlemen, Ladies first.

Bad Bunny o'clock is after Midnight.
Twerk o'clock is before sending people home. Ratchet O' Clock may not happen at all, if it does it will be late and might not be for long. DJ / Manager / Owner has final say. Gracias por su comprendes, Thank you for understanding. 

No Like? No have to be here.

Music, like comedy, is timing and requires the punchlines to to be set up.
Some of todays songs are less than 2 minutes long, so DJ does not in general have time to chat or explain these terms that you are reading. Please contact me here when I'm not working, if you would really like to chat, I appreciate your understanding and being cool.

Rudeness, impatience, sulking, selfishness, request abuse, equipment damage, violence, or any kind of negative behavior may result in song being played later, not at all, removal, barring, self defense, physical harm, arrest, law suit & jail time, or a sobering combination of all, This goes for everyone, men and women, no exceptions, non negotiable.

The reason is so polite paying customers like you of course, owner(s) and DJ can have a great experience 

*Tipping: Want to lubricate the relationship? Tipping optional, appreciated and does not necessarily get your song played faster or at all. DJ has final say. Thank you for tipping and thank you for understanding! 🙏  *Other payment methods located below & @ https://jungledubhouse/links  Thank you 🙏

Big Baller, Shot caller? Like to pay DJ Paul C's nights or years money for a song that might not necessarily fit the brief or time? DJ will ask owner or manager  if he can play your song and at that time and there are still >No Guarantees< DJ, Manager, Owner(s) have final say. Thank you for your generous tip and understanding. it is much appreciated! 🙏


Apple pay 917 977 0266$PaulCDJ

Zelle 917 977 0266

*0ther payment methods are located @ https://jungledubhouse/links  Thank you 🙏

By hitting send you have, been added to the DJs mailing list, written you legally agree to these terms understand DJ has final say and there are >No Guarantees<

Any doubts about any of this see rule #1 again.

Thank you very much for understanding, being here and being cool 😎, we really appreciate it, welcome to the party don't forget to have fun! 💃🏿🕺👯‍♀️

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you soon.

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