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“Now I’m super, superb, supreme spitting sentences…..”

Perseverance is an often use word to describe a person overcoming their struggles. A battle conquered a day. In today’s music world - while all the glitz and glamour can be rewarding for some dedicated striving artists, too many don’t maintain longevity and are quickly forgotten. Yet in the middle of it all are those few who stay patient, true to themselves, and focused on their respective musical pursuits. Brooklyn’s own NYC underground artist, T.R.A.C., has climbed to new heights throughout his years of experience in both Hip Hop and Drum and Bass. A masterful wordsmith, his talents are proven in his work with legendary producers such as Marc Mac (4hero) and Lewis Parker(UK).

As an MC, he’s rocked stages with names like LTJ Bukem, Roni Size, and Goldie to name a few from the lengthy (and growing) list of A class DJs. Recognized internationally throughout his career in the Drum and Bass scene as a premiere stateside born MC with the roots of a talented Hip Hop artist.

Featured on a slew of Lewis Parker projects, T.R.A.C. released his BBE debut Hip Hop effort, “The Network”, in 2011. The album was produced by legendary 4hero artist Marc Mac, and received underground critical acclaim, along with 6 star rating from OE magazine. T.R.A.C.’s sound is described as bluesy, soulful, easy listening, yet still Hip Hop.

Already respected in the world of Drum and Bass, T.R.A.C. has recently garnered even more attention via a plethora of well-received releases with respected labels. His work with Shogun LTD. Jazzsticks (Paul SG), Intrigue Music (Ben Soundscape), and V recordings are notable within the genre. Tunes like “The Partys Arrived” (Dave Owens), and the now classic “Higher Ground”(Submorphics), have elevated the artist to a higher platform and created much anticipation for his debut DnB album with V boss Bryan Gee. After recent release of “the V singles” compilation, an energetic buzz is rising and T.R.A.C.’s time has come to shine. 2017 is shaping up to be an amazing run for this talent. Listen to his music, catch him action, and enjoy the moment. His goal still remains the same; He came “To Rule And Conquer”.

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