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Welcome, we love to see you dance to your own beat

Please simply use the link below to provide your..

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3. Attach 1 to 3 of your best tracks in mp3 320 kbps format or... submit a downloadable demo link to Jungle Dub House recordings. We will review your submission and contact you by email if we are interested and will get back to you as soon as possible. Keep up the good work and thank you for your submission & consideration.

Jungle Dub House team

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DJss ⎮ MCs ⎮VJs ⎮ Dancers

Satisfaction Guaranteed

A 1 hour 1 off to 5 hours or more weekly we have you covered. Please fill out booking form atached & text is the fastest way to get in touch. Thank you :)

Event DJ


Committed to Quality

Professional fun instruction from an easy to work with industry professional. Look forward to meeting you. Text is the fastest way to get in touch. Thank you



Exceeding Expectations

A seasoned professional DJ curated playlist(s) which takes in to consideration clientelle's, age, background, time of day, year & ballance of energy +, that will last forever

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you're serious about your sound the Jungle Dub House Sound System has you covered with a professional club set up of 2 x top of the line QSC KW153s self-powered with Treble, Mid Range & Bass & 2 x Yorkville 18 inch Sub Bass speakers on wheels. We visited every sound store in all 5 boroughs of NYC, took the best productions with us & did a shoot out with all the name brand speakers & these won it for us. NYC standard Pricing per speaker + Delivery + Set up / Break Down time + Deposit.

Services: Services



With years of experience as a NYC professional DJ with multiple residencies in both the underground & commercial world & keeping up with technology & trends DJ Paul C of Jungle Dub House has taught aspiring DJs in NYC. Now available from the comfort of your home.


Whether you are into Serato or Vinyl we got you covered. Our veteran instructor will custom tailor your experience to help you excel with any piece of DJ gear. Anyone with a laptop can get started. Jungle Dub House welcomes students of all ages and skill levels.


Get started by submitting your answers to the following questions. You can purchase your first lesson now or connect with us to discuss setup options and scheduling. 

What equipment do you have?

What timezone are you in?

How many lessons would you like?

1 @ $50 for an hour

3 @ $45 for the hours (Save $30)

5 @ $40 for the hours (Save $50)

Please submit all answers & inquiries to thank you :)

Services: Welcome


Welcome to Music Direction, Curation, Playlists

Custom, expert, professional, playlist direction, execution and/or mix mixing for crowd attraction, retention, spending, loyalty & happiness

We love good music and nothing replaces the speed, calculation, crowd reading, combined skills, heart and soul of a live DJ but meantime we can give you the next best thing! 

Please find some custom D&B, House & Dub +, Mixes @ Mixcloud

Please find some curated mixed-genre Playlists on Spotify 

Book a custom playlist for you, a friend, event, or business here thank you 🙏

Services: Welcome
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QSC KW153s

Active 15-inch 3-way


  • 15-inch woofer; 6.5-inch midrange woofer; 1.75-inch diaphragm compression driver

  • 75° conical DMT coverage

  • Maximum SPL 134 dB peak

  • 1000-watt Class D power modules in all models (2 × 500 W continuous)

  • Onboard mixer with two combo XLR and ¼⁻ᶦⁿᶜʰ inputs, and stereo RCA inputs, (three audio input sources); two direct channel outputs and single summed balanced output

  • Extensive DSP featuring DEEP™ and Intrinsic Correction™ enhances system performance

    Top of the range club and event sound. We did a personal shoot out with the world's top producer's songs in Sound System stores in all 5 boroughs of New York City. These are what won our hard earned cash hands down. These are quality, the truth and official!

    Standard NYC pricing $100 per speaker + Delivery (We are located in Manhattan) + Set up / Breakdown + Deposit. 

For More Information

Services: Welcome

Sub Bass

Yorkville LS801Ps

Active 18-inch - 1500 watts


  • First choice in active subwoofers, the LS801P combines a cast-frame 18-inch bass driver with a rear-loaded bass horn enclosure made from 15mm birch ply covered in rugged black carpeting (black Ultrathane painted version - LS801PB is also available). 

  • Now add 2500 watts of onboard peak power featuring full-time "invisible" limiting. Result - a rugged, high-powered "earth mover." 

  • Balanced XLR inputs are included along with 1/4-inch TRS inputs which, at the push of a button, can handle either line-level or speaker-level signals (you can simply connect it to any full-range speaker for quick and easy setups). 

  • Connections also include both XLRM and 1/4" Output Link jacks for interconnecting up to 10 LS801P's in larger concert systems. 

  • An additional XLR 'Mono Blend Input' allows the LS801P to function in a stereo system by blending the balanced L & R signals from a stereo mixer and creating a single in-phase mono signal.

Top of the range club and event sound. We did a personal shoot out with the world's top producer's songs in Sound System stores in all 5 boroughs of New York City. These are what won our hard earned cash hands down. These are quality, the truth and official!

Standard NYC pricing $100 per speaker + Delivery (We are located in Manhattan) + Set up / Breakdown + Deposit. For More Information

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Charity We Support

Whether you are an official member of Jungle Dub House or are a casual fan, we welcome all support. Every little bit counts towards making Jungle Dub House the best and most engaging event out there. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’ve got any questions.

Thanks for your support so far.
 the Homeless situation in NYC & beyond shocks and saddens us especially in a pandemic.

 Normally when throwing paying events in clubs we offer a discount off admission in exchange for food, clothing, toys & book donations for the homeless & bring it to the local shelter in need specifically Bowery Mission in the Lower East Side and Harlem Homeless Shelter. 

Services: Donate

Donate Today

Jungle Dub House would truly not be made possible without the generosity of our loyal followers. Our fun events, livestreams etc operate largely through donations, and can always use some extra support. If you are thinking of becoming a part of Jungle Dub House, there’s no better way than contributing to what you can or volunteering.

Currently, we live stream on Facebook @ DJ Paul C NYC ++. Our gift, please...enjoy, comment, share, and...

"Before COVID19 as u ca see in my rCV +,  I had been lucky enough to make my living with 3 or more weekly residencies, as an Agent for other DJs, Playlists & other services listed. I had been DJing to a dance floor just about every week for 25 years. Unfortunately the last 9 + months +, no more. 

Jungle Dub House began to make a little money in the park toward the end but the weather has put a stop to that till Spring. I am classified as a Gig worker , receive no unemployment, and have received no stimulus check & finally $182 in pandemic unemployment assistance,

I am actively hunting & available for... 

Online Livestream DJing all platforms. Social Distancing Parties Reopening Parties Drive In Parties, Fundraising Parties & Events, DJing all styles, Sound Rental, Custom Mixes, Playlists, Classes, Reviews Online, or Physical Social Distance Promoting DJ Staffing.

Hair Cutting & Styling NYC License  Laptop & Phone 5G work: Flyer & web design work Hospitality Industry work 20 years experience Teaching English, PA work, Manual Labor, Work, etc.

Also available to Barter for Food, Shelter, Printed CDs & a new Mac in order to have a better quality livestream.  Thank you for your help and consideration, really appreciate it.   Residencies pre-shutdown...

Tanner Smiths: Vida Verde: Lilly's: Konkrete Jungle NYC

Would you like to help me eat, shelter, create, buy new music which helps other artists too and equipment or printed CDs to sell, by donating here, or$PaulCDJ

Any help is much appreciated. Regardless, thank you for reading and listening. If there's any tunes, genre, or shout out a message you would like me to give please do not hesitate to get in touch

Hope to see you in the comments and at the big party after this. Stay healthy, enjoy links & If you would like me to consider playing or signing your tune, please will you send me a link here or Much appreciated,

To stay in the loop about events, releases, mixes, specials +, please subscribe to our newsletter below

and thanks a million for checkin & chilling with us C?! Catch you in person or on livestream @ Jungle Dub House

Peace and much appreciated 🙏 

Paul  :)

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