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T.R.A.C. is a multi-talented artist whose musical journey has traversed genres and captivated audiences worldwide. With a background rooted in hip hop, T.R.A.C.’s distinctive style fuses intricate lyricism with soulful melodies, creating a unique sonic experience that resonates deeply with listeners.

Hailing from Brooklyn, T.R.A.C.’s early exposure to diverse musical influences laid the foundation for his dynamic approach to music, motivated early on by the greats of the golden era of hip hop. Throughout the years, he developed an unmistakable symbiosis between hip hop and drum and bass, and his captivating storytelling, coupled with his ability to seamlessly transition between styles, showcases his versatility and artistry. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, social issues, and the ever-changing urban landscape, T.R.A.C.’s lyrics carry a raw authenticity that connects him with audiences on a profound level.

T.R.A.C.’s discography is a testament to his evolution as an artist. From his early underground releases to collaborations with renowned producers and artists, he has consistently pushed creative boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.

It was a chance meeting with fellow genre-crossing artist DJ I-CUE which led to T.R.A.C. being featured on his first DnB tune, “Next Level $hit,” which was released in 2000 and brought with it a message of genre-unity, a concept that has remained a part of his musical movements ever since.

His first solo hip hop album, “The Network,” was released by Reinforced Records and 4hero pioneer Marc Mac in 2011, and the jungle influences were unmistakable. With multiple collaborations with UK hip hop institution Lewis Parker under his belt, it was clear that T.R.A.C.’s focus had sharpened.

“Life in Motion” was released on the mighty V Recordings in 2017, with the album bringing some of the most detailed insight yet into this prolific artist’s musical ethos. With productions and collaborations with heavy hitters such as Lenzman, Bladerunner, Calibre, Conrad, and others, the album was a nonstop soul-infused ride through T.R.A.C.’s unique and unmatched blends of hip hop, soul, and Drum and Bass.

Pre V, DJ Paul C teamed up with Ted Ganung to produce a funk, dub, amen roller called What It Is which Paul later invited T.R.A.C. to flow over the top, below is the end result, been rinsing it as another secret weapon for a few years, we hope you like it..

T.R.A.C.: TeamMember
T.R.A.C.: Music Player
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